The Real Thoughts of A Sexual Submissive

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The Real Thoughts Of A Sexual Submissive 

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Fork Under The Table

Take me out to dinner, take me to a fancy restaurant, let's sit in a quiet corner so we won't be disturbed

Let's sit side by side so we can be close to each other and feel each other. let's caress each other, finger me under the table, get me nice and wet, my juices are flowing it sounds so wonderful, now your fingers are dripping wet..

Oops, I dropped my fork. Don't move, I unzip your pants, pull your dick out, slowly suck on it while you squirm and try to focus and not scream..

Scream daddy scream, I wanna hear you say it..Oh shit, you mutha fucka, I'ma punch you in yo head, stop. Nope, I'm still sucking, waiting for the explosion, I drop my fork under the table...

I'm looking forward to the dinner we're about to eat, but I wanna swallow you more, cum for me under the table, I drop my fork under the table, erupt in my mouth, fill me up under the table...

I'll have my dessert now since I dropped my fork under the table...

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