Reading a couple of the entries each fun and scandalous, and empowering! - Anonymous

I told my girlfriends we need to have a virtual book club with it, they can’t wait! It’s a great distraction from the election stress .

–Rachel Hatchet

You are good at what you do. There are women like me that are trying to break inhibitions that hold me back from sexual pleasure. - Daphne Jones

GIRL!!!!!! YOU BOUT TO HAVE ME GOING WILD OVER HERE!!!!!!!! I just started reading and I love it. - Linda Sneed

Girllllll this book is hot! - Anonymous

I know that's right!! I got my copy and it is fire! I am trying to wait patiently for the next book to hit!! I know its gonna be fire too!!! If you don't have your copy, trust are missing out! Y'all better cop that ish, real quick‼️ - Tasha S. 

This book makes you think of your own desires. I recommend this book to all women. This is a mus-read. -Sabreen

I also love that you don't sugar coat your thoughts either! Just as nasty as you wanna be! Loving it! - Valencia Riley

This book makes you think about your own desires. I recommend this book to all women. This is a must read. - Anonymous