What Is Sex & Food

Sex & Food is a segment done by myself and Chef G. Although I am a trained and certified Chef, I enjoy the sexual part more than the food. That's where Chef G comes in, he has a passion for food and a extreme eye to detail when it comes to food.


Chef G has been in the industry for more than 20 years and still has the love and passion that he started with. He gives menu selections that couples can do on a date a night, to re-spark the intimacy in relationships, and I give sex tips, what better way to spend a Friday or Saturday night 

Chef G is the brains behind the food segment he is the owner and operator of Soul Unique Catering and has partnered with Tasteful Treasures.


The appetizers and menu options that Chef G puts together makes it easy for couples to create simple creations together, and he can cater each experience to the couple. His love for food has no boundaries. He is well versed in Classic American, Spanish American Fusion, and SYM Soul Food, Chef G is an advocate of farm to table food, and sustainable food sourcing. With this new adventure Chef G is looking forward to creating new and exciting menus for couples and delivering outstanding full-service magic

Tequila infused Watermelon balls dipped
Milk Chocolate

Appetizer Menu

Candied Pecans with Pink Peppercorn Glaze
Sweet Petite Beaches Oysters with
Ponzu and Ginger
Amaretto Pudding Drops (chocolate pudding infused wit amaretto and finished with Brandy cherries)

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